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October is a very exuberant time in India. The monsoon rain has eased in most places, and the festival season is in full swing! Come to India in October and take part in events filled with lights, music, and dance. Here's the best of what's on in October in India.



Diwali is considered one of the world's oldest religious festivals. This five day festival, which is the biggest in India, It signifies victory of light over darkness and good over evil, when Lord Rama defeated the demon king Ravana, and Hindu residents illuminated their village to welcome him home on a moonless night. Lots of small clay lamps – diyasand candles are lit and placed in houses, and fireworks are let off everywhere, giving Diwali its name as "Festival of Lights". 


"To Dazzle this Diwali, try something you haven't tried before. Display a perfect juxtaposition of beautiful and bizarre,"


Women can have fun trying on Silk Cotton Saris, Skirts and Dupattas while the men in the group can dress in Kurtas and Nehru jackets. bollywoodkart will help you decide what to purchase on this Diwali  and will help you to draw a signature statement.

Powdered colors are poured on the floor to create intricate designs called Rangoli, and women and girls can pay to have the palms of their hands decorated with henna in traditional Indian design patterns.



In 2017, Diwali starts with Dhanteras on October 17. It concludes on October 21. The main festivities take place on the third day (this year, on October 19). Diwali is celebrated a day early in south India, on October 18.



How is the Festival Celebrated?

Each day of the festival has a different meaning.

  • The first day (October 17, 2017) is known as Dhanteras. "Dhan" means wealth and "teras" refers to the 13th day of a lunar fortnight on the Hindu calendar. This day is dedicated to celebrating prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi is welcomed into the home and gold is purchased.
  • The second day (October 18, 2017) is known as Naraka Chaturdasi or Chhoti Diwali . Goddess Kali and Lord Krishna are believed to have destroyed the demon Narakasura on this day. Kali is worshiped in West Bengal, while demon effigies are burned in Goa.
  • The third day (October 19, 2017) is the new moon day known as Amavasya. This darkest day of the month is the most significant day of the Diwali festival in north and west India. Lakshmi is worshiped on this day, with a special puja performed in the evening.
  • The fourth day (October 20, 2017) has various meanings across India. In north India, Govardhan Puja is celebrated as the day when Lord Krishna defeated Indra, the god of thunder and rain. In Gujarat, it's celebrated as the start of a new year. In Maharashtra, Bali Puja is performed to seek the blessings of demon king Bali.
  • The fifth day (October 21, 2017) is known as Bhai Duj. It's dedicated to celebrating sisters, in a similar way that Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to brothers. Brothers and sisters get together and share food, to honor the bond between them.     

Fashion Tips To Look Stylish This Diwali


Diwali is just around the corner. So what are you wearing for the Diwali party next weekend? Have you finalized what you’re going to wear on the eve? Not yet?  Is it the regular Anarkali that you wore last month? Is it the Chudidhar that you wore for your friend’s wedding and you hope they cancel coming to the same party? Well. Forget those options and check these choices out. You will be the chosen one in all parties with this Diwali fashion.

So, if you need some ethnic inspiration, you’ve landed in the right place. You can look strikingly different this Diwali party and all the eyes will be set on you. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and pick the best dress for yourself.

"It is very important to wear a cut that fits you well and accentuates the right parts of your body," "Minimal makeup and a neat hairdo will complete your look and you're all set to enjoy your Diwali."


Cigarette Pants & Long Jacket

If you have a tall structure, then there is no other ethnic dress which can complement your figure. The heavily embroidered kurta cum jacket with a plain or equally embroidered cigarette pants is easy to carry and look chicer than other ethnic attires.


Heavy Skirt & Crop Top

This is the ‘Zara Hatke’ fashion trend which sparked off when Shraddha Kapoor wore Padmasitaa embroidered skirt with a crop top for her friend’s engagement party. This fashion trend is comfortable yet elegant. For those who don’t want the hassles of carrying a 10 Kg lehenga, this fashion trend is a much-awaited resort. You can wear an embroidered or printed skirt with a crop top at your office Diwali Party. Perhaps, if there’s no dress code!


Kurti & Palazzos

The craze for Knee-length Kurtas and a Palazzosisn’t going down anytime soon.Girls with a tall structure like Deepika Padukone can pull off this dress easily. There is a wide variety of Palazzos to choose from. Different colours, patterns and fabric as well. Rock a silk kurta with a flowy palazzo to make a statement this festive season.


Embroiderd Lehenga Choli

If you’re too shy to experiment on your look, you can wear the same old Lehenga Choli. These days, even the Lehenga Cholis are glammed up for good. No need to wear the heavily embellished Lehenga Choli for the Diwali Party. A mid-riff baring choli and a low-cut lehenga does seem to up the style quotient this Diwali. Try a simple lehenga with an embroidered dupatta.


Designer Sarees

For those classy dinner parties with fairy lights and formal setting you really should be wearing a saree!! Try some jewel tone sarees with very light fabrics and channel the Raj Mata in you. The georgettes with work would be a great choice. If you want to be a little different from the rest you could always try the belted saree or team up the saree with a cape blouse.


Cape Blouses

Have you ever wondered what she’s wearing while looking at a quirky blouse? That is probably a cape blouse. These capes are extremely hot in the Indian fashion scene, with several noted designers incorporating them into their collections. The fluid silhouette ensures you stand apart in the sea of boring fitted blouses. Opt for an embellished one for maximum impact.


Dhoti Style Kurti

Alia Bhatt sparked this fashion trend when she wore white coloured dhoti styled kurta for Garba night. Another reason why we loved Alia’s outfit was the fact that she was entirely comfortable in that off-beat dress. Confidence beats ‘em all!


Half n Half Saree

For the Saree folks, as well, we have chic options. You can look like a fashionista even in a 6-yard piece of cloth. Saree has revolutionized a lot since past few years. Half n Half saree is a fruit of that revolution. Simple saree with different coloured Pallu and lots of oomph! That’s all you need to be a showstopper.


Zari Jumpsuits with a Desi flavor

Wearing a jump suit to a Diwali party is a good idea. But the regular jump suit does not have enough “desiness”. Not to worry. Try out one of these Desi jumpsuits and go to those “Indian” theme Diwali parties. You sure will be a head turner. If there is special crackers bursting then you are all the more dressed right since jump suits give you enough room and space to run and jump as you please!!


Patialas with a Twist

Patiala suits are another fancy option to wear for Diwali parties. They are comfortable at the same time when accessorized right with the juthis and fun jewelry they look absolutely beautiful. Try wearing natural fabric Patialas in bling colors like gold or rich jewel colors like orange or green for maximum effect.


Go Sheer

Go traditional this Diwali with a twist of modern trend. Wear a beautiful red or green saree with a brocade pallu and team it up with a well-fitting halter neck blouse. You can opt for something classier like a sheer saree in monochromes, and accessorize it with diamonds and pearls. One can never go wrong with them.


Wear bright colours

Bright colours go really well with festivals. Diwali should be celebrated wearing eye catching colours like tangerine, fuchsia, red and violet.

Jhumka Gira Re....


Go for accessories that maintain the essence of Diwali. Wear a gorgeous gold bracelet and a lovely choker and jhumkas in gold and precious stones.

jewellery tip for Diwali is to keep it modern with simple accessories or wear just one statement piece. Cult favourite jewellery like diamond or jaded jhumkis, chaand balis, balas, kadas or pendants are great options.

If your outfit is inclined more towards an Indo-western look, fusion jewellery works well, a mix and match of diamond, polki jewellery with bright colourful gemstones in innovative ways and eclectic styles add appeal to any outfit.

Palazzo pants are seen frequently and can also add a bit of style teamed with the right top, add a single earring or wrist cuff to create a unique distinct look this Diwali.

Keep it exclusive with beautiful pearl jewellery this Diwali. Pearl jewellery goes best when you want to keep it subtle and also not look under-dressed! Pair up a set of long pearl danglers with silk suit or saari and give your attire a royal look!

last but not the least fashion and jewellery tip for Diwali is to try something unique and distinctive. Rose gold looks lovely with most ensembles, though you could also pick up a dual tone. Most of all, make sure you let your personality shine through.


Follow these fashion and jewellery tips for Diwali and you will look gorgeous.



Different Ways and Places to Celebrate Diwali in India

Diwali, known as the "Festival of Lights", is the biggest festival of the year in India. This five day festival commemorates the victory of good over evil, and is an occasion for prosperity and family togetherness.

Celebrate with an Indian Family

While there's plenty of evidence of Diwali on the streets, it's indoors, amongst Indian families, that the really meaningful celebrations take place. If you're visiting India from abroad during Diwali, it's highly recommended that you stay at an Indian homestay so that you can be a part of traditional Diwali family rituals and get a real insight into Indian culture. People usually wear new clothes on Diwali, so if you're a woman, it's a great reason to buy yourself a sari and dress up too! If you'd like to join in the gift giving, your hosts would really appreciate some sweets or chocolates.


Jaipur: Admire the Illuminated Markets

Much of the beauty of Diwali comes from the warm glow of lights and lamps which adorn streets, homes, and shops. One of the best places to experience this is in the "Pink City" of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, where not just buildings but whole markets are illuminated. Each year, there's a competition for the best decorated and most brilliantly lit up market, and the government foots the electricity bill. It's a dazzling display that attracts visitors from all over India. Just like Las Vegas has a "Strip", Johari Bazaar has earned the title of "The Strip" in Jaipur during Diwali.


Dev Deepawali @ Varanasi: See Fireworks Over the Ganges River

Varanasi is a crazy place at any time of year, but it becomes even more so during Diwali with a constant stream of firecrackers and fireworks going off all night long. For the best experience, make sure you stay at one of the riverside hotels in Varanasi, so you have a fabulous view of the fireworks over the Ganges. Other highlights are the special Ganga Aartighats illuminated with candles, and diyas (earthen lamps) that are floated down the river.

Kolkata: Attend Kali Puja

While most people in India worship Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali, the main day of the festival is celebrated as Kali Puja in Kolkata and West Bengal (as well as Odisha, Tripura and Assam). It coincides with Lakshmi Puja. Kolkata's Kali temples -- Kalighat, Belur Math and Dakshineswar -- attract a huge number of devotees. Magnificent decorated idols of fearsome Goddess Kali are also put on display across the city for people to visit.


Amritsar: The Golden Diwali

You may be surprised to learn that although Amritsar, home of the Golden Temple, is predominated by Sikhs. Diwali is celebrated in a grand way there too. The occasion has been incorporated into the Sikh religion and is particularly significant because it also marks the return from prison of the sixth Sikh guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib, in 1619. the foundation stone of the Golden Temple was laid on Diwali, in 1577. Expect to see a mesmerizing display of fireworks over the Golden Temple. The Temple complex is also draped in lights, and the edge of the lake fringed with countless oil lamps and candles, lit by devotees.


I can smell the festivities and joy in the air already. The evening chill in the air, the fragrance and canopies of fresh Jacaranda flowers is evoking that festive feeling already. 

And all of us wait the year round for the festivities.....the sheer love of food, festivals, colors, family and friends is something which keeps us connected to our roots!! 

As first step towards preparing for those happy days, I am making sure that my wardrobe is updated with latest trends in the market.

For me, the festivities during Diwali are marked by vibrant colors, as well as the themes of light and illumination, so I wear clothes that reflect the joy and excitement in this 5-day celebration. 


Karva Chauth is an Indian festival in which a married woman keeps a fast for her husband’s well-being and long life. Despite the stringent rules of this fast, every married Hindu woman celebrates this day with great dedication. The vast array of delicacies, gifts, mother-in-law’s love in the form of sargi, and the opportunity to dress up, make the day-long fast a smooth ride. 

In addition to following every ritual of Karva Chauth with sincerity, women also need to ensure that their appearance is perfect from head to toe. So, if you need some tips to spruce up your look for Karva Chauth this year, check these out. 

Karva Chauth is all about looking and feeling good. While the fast takes care of the latter, the former is taken care of by the right outfit. So, it is important to decide your outfit with proper accessories too. The quintessential traditional saree will work wonders for your look on this auspicious day. For women, who want to stay traditional yet modern, opt for an Indo-western outfit like a dhoti saree, Palazzo suits, Crop top and skirt, Heavy anarkalis,Lehengas or half sarees.


It is very important to resort to beauty treatments that are tried and tested by you, that will enhance the glow of your skin. Get facials that suit your skin type, and make sure to get it done at least three days before Karva Chauth to get the glow. All other treatments, like waxing, pedicure, and manicure should be done before you go for mehendi application or the final makeup.

Here are a few more tips, apart from the ones given above, to look your best this Karva Chauth-

  • Nail art over mehendi can pep up the look of your mehendi adorned hands.
  • Go for stylish braids, or if you are planning to knot your hair in a bun, fancy judapins can make your hairstyle look elegant. You can experiment with few side decorative matching hair pins too if you have short hair. Soft curls or waves will also look good with your attire.
  • Ditch the maroons and reds this year, and opt for other colors that are trending presently. You can try anything from the hot picks of this season, like glacier grey, aquamarine blue, Lucite green, or toasty almond.
  • To give a dramatic look to your eyes, you can also opt for winged eyeliners to give your makeup a finishing touch.
  • Do not miss the mangalsutra, bangles, sindoor and bindi to complete your look.

Karva Chauth is all about reveling in good mood, and nothing makes women feel better than dressing well, especially while doing something special for their husbands. Be it clothes, jewellery or makeup, everything adds to the feel-good factor on this day. Do not forget the mehendi and also some nail art to stand out. So, keep these tips in mind, and feel gorgeous like never before this Karva Chauth.

 !! Most importantly stay healthy and make sure you eat well once you break your fast!!

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