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  • Pamper Your Silk Sarees with Good Care


    So, you are also a keen admirer of silk sarees. Nothing like surprising; Silk saree is indeed a queen of the saree kingdom. Every woman wants to have at least one saree in her wardrobe.

    Now, what makes the silk sarees to gain such popularity or attention? Well, it’s the elegance and grace offered by these silk sarees, which makes them highly demanding among ladies.

    Silk sarees brings in a great combination of sequence, stones, border work, zari, and lacework, which makes a woman look elegant after wearing it. Buying such saree is not a hard nut to crack, but keeping it and maintaining it, is something that is not so easy.

    To continue with the excitement you felt after wearing such saree, you have to maintain it continuously.

    Pamper and take care of silk sarees

    Though you have an extensive collection of silk sarees, you have to take preventive measures to protect the grace of the sarees.

    Here are a few ways, through which you can take good care of your silk sarees.

    • If you wash the silk saree at home, try to keep soaps and detergents away from the wash. Use cold water instead of hot water.
    • If your saree caught with any stain of tea, coffee, any gravy, ice-cream, etc. let it dry-cleaned in laundry immediately. In case, you want to try removing the stain at home, try it using a small amount of petrol and brush it smoothly.
    • For a newly purchased silk saree, protein bath is something that will maintain its beauty and will make you look classy, after wearing it. To do so, add some protein shampoo in water for 2-3 minutes and soak the saree in it. After that, wash it with normal water. You will soon find the difference.
    • Avoid washing your silk saree in the washing machine. It may damage the saree making it look dull.
    • Don’t ever twist your saree after washing it. It may cause wrinkles in it or even destroy the patchy part of the base path. Make it lie outside without twisting it.
    • Avoid drying your saree in direct sunlight. It will affect the drapery badly. It can make your saree look fade. Also, if you wear it after drying in direct sunlight, you will find tears in every move, you take. Thus, try to make it dry in the shade.
    • Avoid using any formula to keep your saree fresh.
    • Use hangers to hang your sarees in your wardrobe to avoid getting a crease in it.

    Follow the tips mentioned above make your saree look new every time you wear as well as to maintain the Charisma of such a beautiful drapery available, i.e., your silk saree.

  • Kareena Kapoor’s Gorgeous Saree Left Us Speechless!


    Kareena Kapoor Khan’s latest look has us all gawking in awe. Kareena wore this beautiful creation by the legendary designer, Masaba Gupta to an evening event held in Mumbai on Tuesday.

    The saree screams classy elegance, paired perfectly with a minimalistic look styled by TanviGhavri. The bright yellow chanderi saree with hot pink blouse and border looked stunning on Bebo with kalashkhadipalla and tribal vase pleats.


    With dark kohl eyes that popped and Kareena’s trademark nude lips, beautifully complimenting her perfection, we would like to congratulate the make-up artist, Subbu for a job well done. The petite black bindi was the cherry on top that brought together the whole look.

    It’s a kind of saree that can be worn to work during the day but then, can transform into a party wear saree by night. It’s an excellent addition to the list of latest Bollywood sarees.

    After several shots of the Begum of Pataudi in gym clothes and denim, this was a welcome surprise, and we plan on staring at it for some time to come.

  • Aishwarya Rai’s Pink Fusion Lehenga is the Talk of the Town!


    Once again the wedding season is upon us! As a result, most of us are running around looking for that perfect lehenga, subconsciously trying to upstage the bride herself! If you are one of us, we would advise you to take inspiration from none other than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her chic fusion lehenga.

    The 44-year old actress has been killing it recently with a trail of great looks to boast. Carefully picked from the House of Masaba, the stylish pink and grey number did justice to the former Miss World’s splendour. She has come a long way from appearing to be showcasing only Anarkali suit designs.

    She had everyone’s undivided attention when she gave her speech after being bestowed with the ‘Woman of Substance’ title at the event hosted by Bunt’s Sangha in Pune. We know it was probably because her usual enigmatic self was there on stage, but we are also convinced that the beautiful lehenga played a part in it. She paired it with aesthetic gold bangles and center-parted hair which has become her trademark of sorts.

    Fusion lehengas and sarees seem to be the new style statement for many celebrities and fashionistas this season. Don’t beat yourself down if you can’t afford to spend a chunk of your income on a Masaba creation. There is no dearth of elegant options when you buy lehenga online. Pair your ensemble with a classic bun and lovely flowers for a princess vibe.

  • How to Make Your Mother Feel Special on Mother's Day


    It is that time of the year again when we show appreciation for our mothers by clicking a selfie with them so we can post it on social media (even though she probably doesn’t have an account), wishing her a heartwarming Mother’s Day. Hey! No judgment here. We’ve all done that at one point, but maybe this mother’s day you want to ditch the usual protocol and make her feel really special, but don’t know where to start? No worries! We got your back!

    Here are some of the ways you can go that extra mile to make your mum feel super special!

    Know her Likes & Dislikes In order to successfully make your mother feel like the queen of the world, you must know her likes and dislikes. Some people like store-bought gifts, some like handmade, while some prefer spending time over any gift. You need to understand what she really wants in order to make it all about her. If you are not sure about something, take the help of your family members and make a list of things she would genuinely appreciate. This will help you to get to know her better not just as your mum, but also as a human being.

    No Chore Day! Make this mother’s day a ‘no chore day’, for her. Our mothers spend a good portion of their lives providing and caring for us while simultaneously managing the house. Ideally, we should do our part in helping our mums every day, but let’s start by giving her a break on the day that celebrates her. Though the dishes would still need to be cleaned and the clothes will still need to be washed. Maybe that person in the mirror can do it? Watching you walk a mile in her shoes will in itself be a treat for her!

    A Box of Everything Nice This is one of the best gifting ideas and a favourite of mine! The general idea is that instead of one gift (that your mum may or may not need/like), you gift her a box containing all of her favourite little things. This can include her favourite chocolates, a bottle of perfume she likes, a good colour of nail paint and just about anything else you know your mother would cherish. You can also print out and make cut-outs of your mum’s favourite family photos and paste it on the outside of the box so it looks appealing and she knows that you have really given it a lot of thought.

    Take Her Out Treat your mum to a spa day and let her relax until her body is jelly! There is no human being on this planet, whose face wouldn’t light up when you gift them a gift card for a spa day. If you happen to have a few extra dimes in the piggy bank, then join her and treat yourself for treating her right! You can also take her out to dinner and order her favourite dishes. It will be a perfect end to a perfect day!

    Now give yourself a pat on the back because you managed to make your mum truly feel like a queen, all thanks to you!

  • This Valentine Tantalize Your Partner with the Relishing Red Bollywood Inspired Sassy Saree

    Whatz on in your mind girl! What to wear this V-day? The answer is simply Indian. Yes, you read it right! I say Indian…. The upcoming patronization fashion around the country will now tantalize your valentine. We all wish to look gorgeous and sexy, but then there is a fine line between sexy and trashy and this line can be easily expunged with the grace of an ethnic saree drape.

    The best Indian women can carry is carry herself. Our bodies are structured the best to drape a sarees so, let’s go with the flow! Reveal your man the sassy and gentle lovable look of you with a tinge of Indianess added. Ethnic is not something heavy to look but classic to observe, The Bollywood style will attract him like never before by only showcasing the best in you and the rest that will come in his way is secured. Minimalistic accessories and makeup with open hair will magnetize the hearts on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day.

    Try the Missmerry's Pink Designer Saree, chiffon sarees are the best for a gentle and elegant evening meet. Add up some simple earrings and a chain to add in to the elegance.


    Try the RoopKashish Orange Color Pure Chiffon Weaving Zari Saree, if your priority is bold and sassy overloaded… this is the best with a red lip shade.


    Wait, is red or orange just not your color? Then try the Black Plan chiffon Fashion Saree With floral printed Blouse which will fill in the air with your grace and chubbiness.


    Add in some jewellery like earrings and chains and waist bands to add in classic and royal style:

    Jewellery_1 (1) Jewellery_2 (1) Jewellery_3 Jewellery_4

    Team up your selections with these simple yet trendy accessories to give your attire a 10 /10.

    bag_1 (1) bag_2 (1) bag_3 (1)


  • Online Shopping for Women- Bollywoodkart: All Fashion and Trends


    Online shopping for women has made the whole experience so much easier for everyone. You don’t have to get out of the house, to the store, spend hours looking at so many things and come back home with disappointment. With online shopping, you can browse about a 100 styles in a matter of minutes and buy the clothes you need in a matter of seconds.

    However, even though online shopping has made so many things easier, it’s still difficult to find good ethnic wear online for women. Bollywoodkart has introduced their e-commerce website that caters especially to women looking for some great Indian ethnic wear pieces at affordable rates. They offer a wide range of products on their website like:

    Ethnic Wear

    Bollywoodkart allows you to choose from a huge collection of suits, sarees, and traditional lehengas for any occasion that you may attend. Their ethnic wear collection comprises of affordable fashion, and some of the designer/premium collection as well.

    The sarees range from chiffon, crepe, and net to silk, bandhani, and leheriya as well. You can easily find cotton or Patiala suits on their websites which are really hard to find. Apart from these Indian wear, Bollywoodkart offers a collection of ethnic gowns as well.

    Bollywood Fashion

    At Bollywoodkart, we offer a wide variety of fashion right from the house of Bollywood stars. You get to choose from the designs, patterns, and dresses that are worn by the stars and buy them at affordable rates as well. Look like any Bollywood star with our exclusive dresses.

    Western Wear

    Apart from its beautiful ethnic wear collection, Bollywoodkart also offers some great designs in the western wear. They offer a huge variety of skirts, pants, and dresses that are suited for any occasion.

    We’ve got the right shimmer that you need for your party with their sequined dress and a great maxi skirt for one of those summery days you don’t feel like putting on a jeans. They keep updating their collection as per the market trend.

    Accessories and Jewelry

    Bollywoodkart intends at providing you a wholesome shopping experience with their choice of sunglasses, watches, and bags to go with you dresses and suits. It also offers you many custom made statement pieces and jewelry to wear with your outfits. You can figure out your whole outfit along with the jewelry and the accessories at this one-stop shop itself.

    Kids’ fashion

    Kids’ fashion is another tricky area to shop for as the kids need to be soft for the baby’s body but also should last you’re a long time. You can choose from their collection full of pretty frocks, cute lehengas, and beautiful gowns for your children.

    Bolllywoodkart aims to provide you high-street fashion at great prices. Their huge collection of Indian and western wear comes with some heavy discounts and is filled with beautiful dresses that are worth every bit of your penny.

  • This EID Choose Enormous Range of Ethnic Wear for the Whole Family

    Hello all the beauties out there.

    Eid Special

    As Ramadan has already started and in no time EID will be here. At this very auspicious occasion for any Islam followers, it is celebrated with a lot of passion and dedication, though out Ramadan, all the followers Keep a fast all day, this is the time when all women get best dressed with all the glamour’s outfits during the occasion, So this is a beautiful reason to get dressed and have special moments with family and friends, so, get the best collection of dresses for women.

    eid 1

    Every women has all the right reason to be graceful, whether she adores a ethnic wear or western wear, but in Asian countries, most women prefer ethnic wear dresses like Anarkali suits, lehengas, Suits, saares etc . It is a difficult task for any women to select right outfit but by surfing around and gathering an extensive amount of range to choose from. It becomes easier to hand pick the ideal dress. So ladies go for the best available option all around and search about online shopping for ethnic wear for women. Get the look that can mesmerize anyone in this occasion and also be perfect in a simple way. So during this desi fever get the best of it to surprise everyone around you!

    "May this EID bring you endless blessing"

    EID Mubarak to you!

  • Bollywoodkart Introducing the 2017 Adorable Summer Collection

    Summer Is The Season Which Brings Varieties In Outfits

    The perspective of any person in summers is to wear light weight, bright colors fabric without compromising the style with comfort. It is very well known that light weight outfits are the best for daily wear.

    Women just do not sit at their home, while raising kids and house making, they are eager to work professionally even. Traveling to office or attending Ethnic or official events, women prefer comfy plus stylish outfits.

    So, don't get confused in what to wear, where to buy, during this blistering hot summer, we are here to guide you regarding the latest summer collection.

    Don't Get Caught In A Sweat Trap, The Best Available Option Is Cotton Suits.

    No doubt cotton suits are the well-known outfit for daily use,  it keeps you away from sweat trap. Ethnic wear salwar suits online are making their way in the fashion world fast as these are low-cost outfits and good designs. A classy choice for working women as this type of suits give elegant looks and provides smartness to the women.


    Wardrobe Needs Change, Opt For Western Dresses

    Indian women are blessed as they look great in every outfit. Tired of ethnic wear, traditional dresses all time, then give change to yourself. They help to flaunt your beauty while giving you the comfort you want. You cannot change the weather, but you can change your wardrobe collection and make it elegant and stylish !!


    Wonder Of One-piece Dress - The Jumpsuit

    Have something that takes less time to wear and still gives you a stunning look. Dresses you from top to bottom, easy to wear western dresses, It’s all that any closet needs. The jumpsuit is such kind of an outfit which always fits in every trend and is definitely the best for summers that make you shine more in this summer!

    Online jumpsuits bollywoodkart

    The Perfect Summer Dress Which Never Goes Out Style:  Skirt

    Skirt is the hottest outfit that makes you shine more in this summer. Considering that they have Funky and pretty styles, Easy- breezy to get the righteous style skirts. An Attire which suits  every kind of western wear for women

    KB-07_1 (1)

  • Turn Heads with New Style Patiala Suits @Bollywoodkart.

    The trends in fashion come and go and women find themselves on their toes keeping up with the latest fads. Through years of Indian history salwar kameez has occupied a very special place among the heart of Indian feminine population. There are many styles of slawar kameez that have cropped up influenced by geography, culture and traditions of the contributing places. Today women can choose from a wide range of styles, designs and choices available to them.

    Patiala Suits

    Among the many designs, the Patiala Suits style has earned a great following for casual and occasional wear. The style of Patiala suits that was once the trademark of royal family in Punjab, have now crossed borders and become one of the ruling trends of Indian fashion. Who can be happier than Indian girls who can now buy designer Patiala suits online.

    The Patiala Suits

    The Patiala salwar suits come in three pieces including an upper body attire, a lower pant like fitting and a scarf or dupatta. The top part of the clothing is known as kameez and the lower pant like clothing is called salwar. In this type of salwar, the pleats begin around the waist and folds at the back of legs. It is like a normal salwar but there is a bit of difference in the outer shape.

    Patiala Suits

    The kameez in Patiala suits are short in length and reach up to the knee at most. It has a close fit with the body. The salwar portion features multiple drapes that hang smoothly near the ankle. This detailing has rendered the Patiala suit a modern look in spite of being traditional. When the attire is adorned with a dashing phulkari scarf and matching earrings, it is sure to turn numerous heads around.

    Patiala Suit is The New Craze

    Once, Patiala suits were considered the traditional wear of womenfolk. But it has surpassed those limits and has become one of the most commonly worn attire. Be it for casual use or special wedding parties – Indian women are seen to buy designer

    Patiala suits online to become instant hit.

    New Innovations

    Fashion designers are busy experimenting with the Patiala suit to make it more appealing to meet the changing demands of style conscious Indian women. We can find different types of Patiala suits with unique necklines, various lengths of kurta and sleeves. Beautiful brocade art, embroidery and accessories are also creative and attractive.

    Patiala Suits in Fashion Designing

    Patiala suits are now a standard feature in fashion shows and setting new trends on the industry. Leading fashion designers like Neeta Lulla, Manish Malhotra, Tahiliani have created designer Patiala salwars for the models which went on to steal the show.

    To make things a bit spicy, the designers have tweaked the style with off shoulder cuts, low backs, halter neckline and many more innovations. Traditional yet hot, the trend seems to be setting in. Using sophisticated fabric like silk, chiffon, net the suits have been made more elegant and glamourous. India’s favourite attire is now famous all over the world. Thanks to internet that it is possible to buy designer Patiala suits online anywhere from the world.

    Bollywoodkart is a one stop online shoppong for women store, with a vast variety of designer Indian Ethnic Wear-Designer Saree, Anarkali Suits, Designer Lehenga, Designer Gowns, Patiala Suits & Women Accessories.

  • Half Girlfriend wardrobe will give you major summer fashion goals.

    'Half girlfriend’  The novel written by a renowned Indian writer Chetan bhagat. Now a movie is also going to be released this week on 19th may 2017 on the same story and title 'Half girlfriend'.


    Image taken by: The Indian Express

    Charming her way as the girl-next-door, Shraddha Kapoor has mostly struck a chord with the young brigade through the roles she has essayed over the years. And, just as the trailer of her next film. Half Girlfriend, released, the trendy wardrobe of the actress piqued a lot of interest.

    The main lead actors in this movie are Arjun kapoor and Shraddha kapoor. The story is about the romance between a Typical Bihari boy 'Madhav Jha ' and Upper class Delhite girl 'Riya'. They both are totally different and have nothing in common But somehow they both fall in love.

    Our gorgeous Sharddha kapoor known as the style Diva. There is nothing as such which doesn't suits her. Whether be it Western or Ethnic Wear. she always look ravishing in all the outfits she picks. She represents the beauty of all women .

    Bollywoodkart is not just a shopping site it's a complete fashion store for women. Who wants to dress up like any beautiful actress, let it be Shraddha Kapoor or any other. we have the best collection of Ethnic Wear Online. Designer Suits online, Anarkali dress Online Shopping, Western Wear, Bollywood dresses, designer wear etc.

    Dress yourself which suits you to build your confidence better.

    “Don’t just follow the trend be the trend”.

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